Planning & Building Control

A great deal of building work requires planning or building control consent and it is critical to gain this consent from your local authority. If the build is carried out without permission, the council has the authority to ask you to take it down again. With our help, we can ensure a smooth process and work as your agent to manage the various applications.

Planning Applications

We can help you establish whether you require planning permission for your works and can correspond on your behalf with the local authority. It can be a complicated process, establishing whether you need to comply or whether you are situated in a conservation area. If the building is listed, there are additional applications to be made.

At VR Designs, we can be there for every step of the application. This includes completing or checking the drawings, submitting the applications, and compiling any of the required statements and documents. There may be compromises to be made or conditions applied to the consent. All of which we can help you to plan and manage to get the best results.

Permitted Development

For a project to be within permitted development it must comply with various conditions relating to the; size, height and location of the work being carried out. Planning applications can be costly in both time and money and requires consent from the local authority. We can help you create a design which falls under permitted development, taking away all the additional time and costs.

It is not a requirement to notify the local authority, however any works which are carried out on your property should be verified and can cause complications at the point of sale if they have not been correctly recorded. We can help you apply for a ‘Certificate of Lawful Development’ which the local authority will issue. It is likely you will still need to apply for building control consent.

Building Control

We produce construction packages ready for building control and can manage the application from submission to completion. The package includes detailed and technical drawings, collating specifications, writing design and access statements and conversing with contractors where required.