An extension is a great way to gain more living space or to put in that dream kitchen. Extensions will often fall under permitted development, which means no planning applications and no waiting for consent. It’s an opportunity to improve the thermal performance of your property and brighten your home. It might give you better access to your outside living space and help bring the outdoors inside.

There are a variety of ways to design a unique extension for your property, with different styles of construction and roof types. It’s also a great way to introduce new materials for a more modern appearance. We strongly believe in conservation and will assess the character and age of the property to ensure the design works harmoniously with the property.


VR designs can assist with renovation projects by either preparing drawings or writing specifications for works required. We can provide the client with advice on what works should be carried out and can provide visual assistance with our drawings. The work might also require designs for a new bathroom and kitchen or possibly creating open living areas. We can then act as your agent and take the project through the Planning and Building Control process if required.

Loft Conversions

Adding an extra bedroom/ room to your property can be extremely valuable. This can be in a variety of ways, by adding a dormer or adding a gable end. It is always best to consider the impact it will have on the floor below, as inevitably, floor space will be lost to accommodate the stairs and ensure they comply with building regulations. We will design the best layout for your home and make sure you gain the most out of the loft conversion.

Remedial Building Works

A building and its components have a limited life span and there can be a number of reasons for deterioration. We can help you to diagnose and reinstate what was originally in place, or design something new.

There are many properties in the south which are of a significant age and may require specialist remedial works, our profession as building surveyors helps us to identify the requirements of a historic building.

Living near the seaside can be a wonderful experience but be a significant contribution to the deterioration of many materials of your home. We only specify suitable quality materials and fittings which are resistant to the salt sea air.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

The two rooms which are key to first impressions and can add significant value to your home are the bathroom and kitchen. We can help you design a bathroom which meets your needs and a kitchen which is practical and desirable.

Garden Office

A garden office is a perfect way to create your own space and separate your work from your home. The office can be bright and comfortable and can include WC’s or even a kitchenette. Normally within permitted development the structures can be quick and easy to install. It’s also a great opportunity to be creative with the variety of different finishes available.

If an office isn’t required, the structures can be great for additional space, such as a kid’s playroom or a games room. They can bring value to your home and give you an additional room without having to do any work to your house.